"Tabrane remains extremely well positioned to deliver greater results for our partners and to grow its businesses and its opportunities. Tabrane has a diverse platform that gives us exceptional access to compelling opportunities across a wide range of products and markets. An extraordinary leadership team with a relentless commitment to excellence provides the expertise and wisdom to guide our decisions. Finally, we have a proven approach to building value over a long-term strategy."


Our Background

We commenced business in 2007, a family owned and operated company. Tabrane pharma continues to espouse strong family values and, with its experienced and talented team, is committed to helping patients lead healthier, better lives by enabling patients and healthcare providers to access high-quality, niche, established medicines. We do this by revitalizing and innovating niche, established medicines that without our focus, may otherwise not be available to patients. Our customers, partners and patients value us because we go further than simply meeting their need for quality medicines and medical products. We believe in close, collaborative partnerships that build trust and inspire better solutions.

Our Values

Our brand essence, ‘beyond fulfilment’ is to go beyond what’s expected to deliver the best possible service or solution. They embody the ethos of our company and the traits we look for in our people.

Our Teams

We work together, combining the intellectual power of our global, multicultural workforce to find ways to improve the lives of patients.


We don’t sit back. We constantly strive to create new opportunities that deliver value.

Decision Making

We empower our people to use good judgement to make the right choices, enabling them to grow within the organization.


We believe in open and transparent relationships, both internally and externally. We aim to be accessible to our partners, customers and patients; we strive to deliver the best possible service.


We insist on the highest ethical behavior in all aspects of our work. We operate in a highly complex and competitive environment, but we always aim to do what’s right for the healthcare systems and patients we serve. Today our senior management team has, combined, over 20 years of experience in the sector. Our professionalism has won the trust of clients around the world and seen us expand rapidly, yet we retain the local, small-company approach that means every customer is treated as an individual.