Tabrane Care

Our Areas of Responsibility

Environmental Protection

We are able to make a considerable contribution towards environmental protection by lowering our consumption of resources, ensuring our buildings are energy efficient, and making sure our transport logistics are as clean as possible. We also connect with environmental preservation programs. Sri Lanka is an island with diverse natural resources & we want to be apart of keeping them protected.

Commitment to Society

We have brought together our social commitment measures under the motto “Together for a healthy future for children”. Our action is primarily focused on the health and wellbeing of children in need and supports various institutes & Organisations. All group-wide activities are always carried out in compliance with the relevant laws and standards.

Supporting Employees

It is our aim to create an attractive and secure work environment for all our employees. This is the only way we can retain talented people in our company in the long term. To this end, we invest in their further training and development. Our activities in this area also focus on ensuring fair working conditions, a remuneration model based on equal pay, diversity and equal opportunities within the company, and workplace health and safety.